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Celebrating the art-fetish of women and firearms together
phtototgraphy, digital art, and traditional art
Founded 3 Years ago
Jun 23, 2012


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Eye-Popping CG Artwork!!
The Amazing 3D Glamour, fantasy and Espionage world of Erogenesis.

An amazing talented artist from Southern Africa that has a knack for phototrealism, Ero's works often feature a process of transfer of a live human model into 3D render with real world backgrounds and lighting.

Focused upon subject matter ranging from military black ops, savage fantasy, to pin-up glamour. His works are sometimes available in large format, and in 1080P, one can truly appreciate it.

His art is for sale, and highly collectible as the works are timeless, on

We discovered Ero's work 2 years ago at Renderotica and we love his work here at Gunsexy

G: How Do, Ero?

Ero: Very well! And thank you for your interest in me! Very kind of you!

G: Thanx for the art you've shared with us here at Gunsexy. What made you join DA ?

Ero: You're entirely welcome! A good friend and professional artist KristinF urged me to join DA back in 2014. I was not entirely sure if my work would be appreciated on DA, but I soon realized DA was more open-minded than I expected. I love Deviant Art, it (sort of) mediates us from the truly seedy (not that I am not seedy), but does allow honest erotic expressions in front of a world-wide audience. That takes guts and vision. Above all, the community here is lively, varied, and just very cool!

G: Can you share with us the history behind how you got started in the trade 3D modeling?

Ero: long story, but in short, I started with my father's AutoCAD (he's an Architect) and modeled spaceships with it. In 2001 I did a short course in 3DSMax, Animatec, Maya and a bunch of other things, and ever since then it has been a hobby of mine. When I finished my BSc in Geology (I was born in between mountains) I immediately got involved with 3D representations of the geological subsurface of Europe and Africa. But soon afterwards I got bored of the stuffy world of peer-reviewed papers and my fascination for story-telling re-emerged. I worked in a wildlife park for a year, protecting black rhinos, but also writing books. Then I dropped everything and started making Lali comics.

G: For those of us that never joined Renderotica please share the history behind your key OC, Lali ?

Ero: In 2010 I realized I wanted to write stories. I had written novels before, but I've always loved comics. I tried drawing them, but my skills weren't efficient enough. One day I came across Renderotica, and I thought to myself: hm I can do this too. I emailed the boss of Rotica. He suggested I make comics... so I did. But I needed a main character, someone smart like Tintin, reckless like Asterix, sexy like Druuna, someone memorable, and someone authentic, flawed, spoiled, believable, lovable, basically someone we can relate to, in an inspiring way. Enter Lali, who was more or less a direct copy of a girl I was once heavily in love with. Love makes blind? Yes, she was totally incompatible with me, but it also makes creative. And Lali is the result.

G: all work done in Poser?

Ero: Models, UV maps and tweaks made in 3DS Max. Rigging, animation, textures and rendering all done in Poser.

G: How long does it take to create one cell of art from a human subject ? , Do you render several frames, change lighting and select the best ones

Ero: Usually I try to stay as true as possible to natural lighting. But when setting up locations and making test renders for a comic, yes I do test the subject in the setting. If the lighting obscures the character's expressions too much, then I change it so it doesn't, like with studio or fashion photography, who use reflectors or extra spotlights to highlight the character's faces (or other parts).

G: Your art, photography history, are you formally trained or self taught?

Ero: Mostly self-taught, aside from a three month course in 3DSmax. I did wildlife photography for some time, also self-taught. But the ability to complete comics I credit to the completing of my BSc Geology Thesis. In university you learn to sit down, shut up, and do your work! You need relenteless determination and patience to complete a comic!

G: Amazing backgrounds to your shots, the realism really "sells" the shot and provides a cinematic mood. Often I have to look twice to see these may not be real walls, water, furnishings, etc . Do you start with photo stock ?

Ero: CGI depends on photo stock, even for elite modelers. First of all, reality is our example that we learn from. Second, most textures are derived from photographs. And thirdly, many renders make use of entire 360 degree HDMI Skydomes. For me the rule is simple: anything that can 'move' relative to the main characters, must be 3D. For example, two characters walk down the street, the trashcan needs to be 3D. There is no way you can 'walk past' a trashcan shown in HDMI. Its too close. However, in the same scene you can walk past a skycraper on the horizon, because also in real life, it would make very little difference where it was 10 minutes later... unless it was the focus of the action off course.

G: Any funny stories, in the creation of Lali ?

Ero: Plenty. Lali is a live person for me. From within Poser, she just smiles back at me. Yes my hand controls her dials, but her personality is truly beyond my control. I cannot render her in any other way than who she really is. The most fun part was shaping her character, which happened party in reaction to her fans on Renderotica and Art of Darkness. She was spoiled by her fans, I can safely say!

G: Can you share the process regarding how and where your character ideas to create such as lali originate ?

Ero: Real girls / women! I have more girlfriends than male friends. Women's playfulness is the most fun, plus they're no bullshit. Men usually ramble on about football and cars, where women gossip about relationships and sex. I'll bet the best erotica artists can relate more to women than men... of course being a man amidst all those girls can be a bit of a struggle, and sometimes things can happily go wrong :D all of my girls are based on real live girls, in body and mind. I adore women... but I do keep them at a safe distance (like I said, they mean business)!

G: Who is your favorite comic artist?

Ero: Herge!

G: Who is your favorite action movie director/producer?

Ero: The Director of Mad Max: George Miller... but also Peter Jackson and Edward Zwick!

G:  Any advice for those wishing to enter the world of photo realistic & comic illustration ?

Ero: Stay true to nature. Both with lighting, with materials as with human behavior. If you're using more than nature does, then you're either doing it wrong (or you understand it enough to cheat it). This counts for all three aspects of Poser work. Don't overlight, don't over materialize, and don't overact. If you need more lights than nature uses in your scene, then you're probably doing it wrong. If your materials are to shiny, or too dull, or too blurred than in nature, then you're probably doing it wrong. If your characters are over acting, like in 1930's charlie chaplin movies, then you're probably doing it wrong. All three will kill your artwork... unless you really know your stuff, only then can you cheat.

G: Favorite Action Heroes?

Ero: I don't really have favorite action heroes, but I have favorite action scenes. Most scenes from Blackhawk Down were amazing; the Final Swordfight from Rob Roy was excellent; Mad Max Fury Road was brilliant; the action from Blood Diamond was super accurate; and Tom Cruise in Collateral was off the charts.

G: we've noticed you started a commercial venture ( How is business things going so far ?

Ero: not too bad. Comics are always slow-going, especially with so many great artists around. To stand out one has to reach out to comic fans and convince them that you might be their next best source of entertainment. For this I gave away one of my biggest comic projects for free. Unfortunately erotica is something people are still hesitant about, I hope I can show them not to be shy about it. In any case I will also start making more 'normal' comics about Lali. Don't worry, they'll still be crazy, sexy and fun, but you won't have to wipe the fluids off yourself afterwards :)


G: Last Question. Epilogue message for us fans of your works ?

Yes: Have fun, entertain yourselves first of all!!! And be honest with yourselves, make sure what you're doing is actually good and appreciated, make contact with your fans, make sure they are actually enjoying it. Self-confidence is great, but it is suicide if misguided. Of course don't loose your identity in just pleasing them, don't be a sell-out, it will bore your fans after a while. You need to be like a woman (hence Lali) leave them craving for more... (evil laughter). Of course the only way you can see this is to really communicate with the people that like what you do, make an effort to comment / critique / help with your art, and actually invest real time and money in your work!

Once again, thank you for your interest in me! May I entertain to for many more years to come!

Ero's work in this Months sights Locked On Gallery !!!
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